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Tips on Buying a used Industrial Sewing Machine

Used industrial sewing machines are typically about half the cost of new industrial sewing machines (depending on condition, age and use). I personally believe the older "Made in Japan" industrial machines are better made than the newer used industrial sewing machines "Made in China". Of course there are brands not made in either of those countries too! Older Pfaff and Adler industrial machines are "Made in Germany". If you buy a Rimoldi serger... it's made in Italy.

Used machine prices vary on conditions like... 

Is the table in good condition:
  • Not chipped or sagging
  • Table Top - Solid wood, Plywood or Pressed Particle Board Laminated Formica
  • Is it fully adjustable
  • Does it have an accessory drawer
  • Is the thread stand in good condition
  • Motor - Clutch or Servo, how old
Sewing Head:
  • Is the tip of hook worn down
  • Does bobbin case wobble in hook
  • Is it missing any parts/pieces
  • Is it rusty, dirty, dry (no oil)


  • Does it have extra bobbins, thread, needles
  • Does it come with a parts book
  • Does it have any safety guards
  • *Is there a warranty

Consew Industrial Sewing Machine Information
Deciphering the Consew Model Number... any model of Consew that has an "RB" designation means the machine has reverse and large bobbin. If it is an "RBL" then it is also a long-arm machine. The number after that determines the "generation" of the machine. Currently Consew is up to Gen-5 machines now. All Gen-5 machines are now built in China. The Gen-1/2/3 machines are the most desirable since they are made in Japan.

Consew Models.jpg (39262 bytes)

 *Warranty: Anyone offering a "warranty period" after sale is going to inflate the price to cover any possible costs of repairs. Typically there aren't repairs needed so the seller makes more on the sale!
You are better off buying "As Is" from a reputable company or person. Remember, many of these older machines "may" have been around for as long as 50+ years and "may" still be "in service". When taken care of and oiled properly, they'll last a virtual lifetime!

Condition: As with anything purchased used, the condition of the industrial sewing machine speaks volumes. If it looks rusty, dry, dirty and missing any parts/pieces, then it may be worn out or neglected. If the paint on the bed of the machine is completely worn off, it has some mileage on it and may need some parts replacement. If the cog belt that runs the top/bottom shafts isn't in very good shape, value of machine drops. Same with clutch motor, must start up immediately. Slow start motors need replacement as there is diminished torque left in the motor. If it won't run and you can't test the operation of it... walk away!

Inquire about the history of the sewing machine. Has the seller owned it since new? If not, how many years? If seller just recently bought it and is now selling it, there may be trouble with that machine. Find out the history whenever possible!

Industrial Sewing Machine Repair looks closely at all the points of wear, condition, operation and features/extras. I find good condition industrial sewing machines that just need some help. I replace any major parts and adjustment screws that are worn, flush the machine to remove gum and varnish from old oil or other fluid used for lubrication. I also replace the drive motor and thread stand if needed.

Industrial Sewing Machine Repair does not offer a warranty after the sale on used industrial machines. They are sold in "As Is" condition. The buyer can feel confident that any major worn parts have already been replaced. These machines are rigorously test sewn with various materials and thickness to ensure proper operation. You, the buyer, will have the opportunity to sew on the machine yourself to know for sure the machine is suited for your operation. I always encourage buyers to bring the material they sew when testing an industrial sewing machine.


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